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Canada Immigration Process From India

For applicants who are unsure about how to immigrate to Canada from India, they can help a reliable immigration consultant. The Canada immigration process steps are simple and divided into broad categories of temporary residents and permanent residents. For those who wish to settle permanently in Canada, the permanent residency status is the most lucrative way.

There are many options on how to immigrate to Canada from India. In fact, Indians have a very high success rate was applying for Canada immigration as compared to the other countries. There are a large number of students, Business executives, Investors who move to Canada. In fact, a large number of families move to Canada with the hope of rejuvenation of both their personal and professional life. They have found success and peace both in one of the most accepting countries of the world. It is an amalgamation of both modernity and tradition, and there cannot be a better place to be than Canada.

Canada is highly welcoming of young and skilled workers as it has a dense population, and it is in constant need of a skilled workforce. Thus, it is all set to welcome more than one million newcomers between 2020 and 2022. In the three upcoming years, Canada is expected to admit 1053000 new permanent residents. The admission target for the year 2020 has been set at 341000, For 2021, it is set at 351000, and for 2022 it is 361000. Despite the Coronavirus pandemic, the Canadian Government is right on track and is expected to meet the immigration targets as well.

The best way for anyone to immigrate to Canada is through the Permanent residency status. It is unarguably the fittest mode because of the advantages it entails. It is a five-year-long legal status with the benefits of free education and free health care, and it also offers crime protection just like a Canadian Citizen.

Canada's immigration process from India for PR status will depend on the program through which the applicant has chosen to immigrate. The top ways to get a Canada PR status re –

Express Entry Program - Started in 2015, it initiates fast track immigration of skilled workers to Canada in six months or less. The three subcategories of the Express Entry program are the Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP), the Federal Skilled Traders Program (FSTP), and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). The qualification in one of the three subcategories is essential for immigration. The applicants are selected on the basis of meeting the CRS score requirement as decided by IRCC through the Express entry draws.

Provincial Nomine Program (PNP) - It established the province's right to allow an applicant with the nomination as per the labor market demand. All the provincies have their eligibility criterion and requirements. When a candidate gets the provincial nomination, he/she is eligible for 600 bonus points.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) - It is the French province of Canada with its eligibility requirements and norms. The candidates are required to get a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) before they submit their Canada PR visa to the IRCC.

Atlantic Immigration Nominee Program (AIPP) - It is the immigration program for the Atlantic region of Canada – Newfoundland Labrador, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. The program was started in 2017 and has been extended until 2021.

What are some of the factors that are evaluated in the Canada PR process?

The candidates are evaluated based on factors that help calculate the point score of the applicant. It is on meeting the point score requirements that applicants are shortlisted for the ITA.

The Factors to be evaluated are –

  • Age - Canada requires a skilled and young workforce to help the economy. Thus, the applicants between the ages of 18 and 35 get the highest points in immigration.
  • Work Experience - The longer you have worked, the higher points you will be getting in the point grid score.
  • Language - It is one of the best ways to improve the comprehensive ranking system score (CRS). The applicant needs to take the language test of IELTS or CELPIP in the English language, and then the score will be added to his kitty. Knowledge of the French language can be an added advantage to the candidate and can help improve the language skills score.
  • Education - There are points provided for your education as well. The applicant who has a masters degree will get more points than those with a bachelors degree.
  • Arranged employment - While it is no mandatory to have a job offer in hand but those applicants who manage to get a job before immigration they ate entitled to extra points.
  • Adaptability - Having someone in Canada can help you settle in the country with ease. Thus, there are points for having a spouse, relative, or sibling in Canada.

What is the process to migrate to Canada?

Canada PR process is rather simple and easy. It is an online process which has a user-friendly interface. But, it is best if the process to migrate to Canada is undertake n under the guidance of a professional immigration consultancy as it is well are of the latest changes and developments and will help you avoid delay and rejection of the application-

Canada immigration process steps

  • Step 1 - Get the pre-assessment of the application done to ensure that you are eligible for the pathway you have chosen for immigration
  • Step 2 – Take the Language proficiency skill test in IELTS or CELPIP. the minimum score requirement for language test will depend on the program you have chosen for immigration
  • Step 3 - Create your profile online and get a registration code
  • Step 4- meet the eligibility requirements. Meet the CRS score
  • Step 5 – Create a Job bank account
  • Step 6 – Apply for provincial nominee program (Optional)
  • Step 7 - Received your ITA
  • Step 8 – Documentation - bank statement, loans, credits and debentures record, medical records and police verification records
  • Step 9 - Submit your PR application

How long does the Canada Immigration process from India take?

The processing time will depend mainly on the type of application i.e., the credentials of the individual and the pathway that the candidate has chosen to relocate. The Express Entry program is the fastest way to move to Canada, and the processing time through this is as little as six months. Some provincial nominee program also has fast processing and can take nine months to immigrate to Canada.

How to figure out the way to get the documents you need?

The creation of the Express entry profile for immigration is not a complicated task, but it requires vigilance and a proactive attitude. A similar kind of reactiveness is essential for document submission for Canada PR.

Not having proper documents can lead to complications in the immigration process and, in severe cases, even the application's rejection. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the help of a professional to avoid any mistake.

The mandatory documents required are –

  • Educational documents - The passing certificates of your High school and bachelor's degree and diplomas, certificates, etc. All need to be tested and authenticated by a regulatory body like WES, which will validate your documents. The regulatory body will also ensure that they meet the Canadian education board standards as well.
  • Language test score - The IELTS language test core needs to be submitted for proof of your language communication skills.
  • Employment records - Give information and documents to support your claim of all the companies you have worked in the past. The salary slips, increment letters, and reference letters from employers will be part of this documentation process.
  • Proof of Funds - As a desiring applicant, one needs to prove that you will be able to assist family and yourself until you have settled in Canada. For this, your fixed deposits details, bank statements, PPFS, credit and loan details, and other investments need to be shared.
  • Marriage certificate - In case you are married
  • Passport copy
  • Medical certificate - claiming that you are in perfect health and ready to live in Canada
  • Police verification - Ensuring that your criminal record is clean.

Apply for Permanent residency if you are invited

Once you have met the CRS score requirement as announced in the express entry draws, you will be granted an Invitation to Apply (ITA)s. The applicant needs to submit the documents after receiving the ITAs within 60 days. Getting an ITA doesn't mean that you have the PR of Canada. It means that you can apply for Permanent residency if you are invited.

If your application is Approved

If your application is approved that you can start the packing for Canada. You will receive a Confirmation of Permanent residency (COPR) in your mail. The COPR will have the information on who you are and your picture. You cannot extend your COPR; thus, it is advised that you use it before it expires. You will be entitled to use your pre-arrival services of Canada with the COPR and take the necessary steps to ensure good living in Canada.


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