Main Refund Policy

The website contains information which are in general form. This basically does not mean that these refund policies are applicable to all of our clients. As the services for clients vary from each other, the policies also vary from one client to another. The refund policies arise only when the client pay charges for the services to MAPL (Meritide Advisors Pvt. Ltd.) and not applicable prior to the establishment of client consultant relation.

Keeping the variation of services and requirements of every client into concern, the separate SAP [Service Agreement Papers] will be signed between two parties and copies will be shared to client as well. Each and every details shall be mentioned in the agreement papers, for any such refund claim if arises further in any course of time, the presence of agreement papers are must or else there would be no refund under any circumstances.



The government’s rules and norms may change and confirmly MAPL does not have any control into it. Thereby due to changes in laws of any particular country which would otherwise have impact on client’s process of immigration, in such cases MAPL does not hold any responsibility and no claim for refund under such circumstances can be done by the client.

The client has hired MAPL as a consultant for his/her immigration assistance and hence it is sole responsibility of the client to provide documents needed for the process within the prescribed time limit so that client’s work can be done in time. If the client fails to submit any document which would further result into rejection of visa by the Embassy/Immigration officers, there would be no claim for any refund under such circumstances.

It has been observed that client’s profile gets rejected due to criminal background or any criminal charges in the name of client. Therefore it is required to get police clearance certificate to get through immigration process and if the client fails to do so, there would be no refund for such reasons.

MAPL is an immigration consultant which provides assistance towards documentation/filing of visa for our clients. We do not guarantee any job/work permits/ domestic or international placement, searching for job or settlement of business and such post landing services are the sole responsibility of the client only. We will not entertain any refund for such reasons as we are not charging any fees for those services.

Sometimes it happen that client pays the charges and all of sudden claims for refund. In such situation it is advised to claim refund within seven days of payment. The refund would get settled. But no such cases would be entertained under any circumstances after seven days.

MAPL is not responsible for any cases which includes furnishing/submission of false/fake documents information, misrepresentation, fraud and failure by the client to adhere to the terms & conditions of the service agreement papers or with holding any relevant information at any time during the processing of application or at the time of interview with the visa officer or before/after landing in the applied country. For any such above reasons there is no refund for such cases and will not be entertained.

Medical certificates/police clearance certificates and other documents required for any client for any particular country need to be arranged by the client within prescribed time so to fasten the process and no claim in case of failure for such arrangements.

IELTS is mandatory for Permanent Residency Visas and the client needs to score the required level in all four aspects i.e.…. read, write, speak and listen. The client before signing the service agreement papers hereby understands that he/she needs to score the required marks in the language testing examination. The charges paid for IELTS or any other such language tests are paid directly by the client to concerned body organizing such test.

MAPL does not receive any fees for conducting IELTS or other such language tests. Failure in such examination to score required marks as mentioned in the service agreement papers is the sole responsibility of client. MAPL could still help our clients with providing materials related to preparation of the examination. No refund claim will be entertained for failure in language tests. The material providing and guidance towards better scoring in IELTS is an add-on services form MAPL free of cost to our registered clients.

The client is required to attend the interviews for visa at his own cost and within the prescribed date, time and venue. Failing in doing so clearly shows the lack of interest of the client himself/herself. No refund claim will be entertained for any such causes.

At any point of time during the entire process of client consultant (MAPL) relation the refund process of arises due to any reasons will be restricted to the charges paid to MAPL consultation charges only and not the amount paid to any government/non-government/private organizations other than MAPL.


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