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What is a UK Tourist Visa?

Getting the Tourist Visa

If planning to visit the UK and explore the country, one must apply for a UK Tourist visa. The brief duration tourist visa for the UK is called Standard Tourist Visa. It is given for up to six months, and people can get it for more than ten year’s time frame as well.

On a Tourist Visa, the applicant is not allowed to do any paid or unpaid work. Also, one is not allowed to get married. For that, one will have to apply for a marriage visitor visa.

What are the types of Standard Tourist visas?

There are two types of Standard Tourist visas-

  • Short Stay Visa – It is given for up to six months
  • Long Stay visa - They have different time frames – 2, 5, or 10 years.

What are the categories of conditions that are fulfilled for the visitor visa?

  • General Visitors – they visit the UK for sightseeing and to explore the country
  • Academic Visitors – Taking up short time specific course
  • Entertainment Visitors – They come to the UK to attend an event
  • Business Visitors – they come to the UK for a business event
  • Child Visitors – The children below the age of 18 years wishing to visit the country
  • Medical Treatment - The appellant visiting for the medical Treatment
  • Specific Visitors – Reserved for civil partnership ceremony

What is the eligibility for the UK Tourist visa?

To be able to get the Standard Tourist visa for the UK, the appellant should meet the following requirements-

  • Submit an intention to return after the visit is over
  • Establish Financial security and ability to meet the expenditures during the stay in the country
  • The applicant should inform about the purpose of the visit
  • Meet the medical and police clearance requirements

What documents are needed for Standard Tourist Visa?

The documents needed for the Standard Tourist Visa are -

  • Valid passport
  • Financial Statements for the last six months
  • Leave the current employer
  • Visa Application Form ( VAF1A)
  • Personal Information of house address etc.
  • Accommodation details in the UK
  • Cover letter with details of the purpose of the visit and duration of stay
  • Details of the travel history

What are the reasons for the refusal of the Standard Tourist visa?

The refusal reasons are as follows-

  • There is a problem with the financial clearance
  • The applicant is blackmarked and is banned for ten years
  • The entry clearance manager is not satisfied with the balance of probabilities
  • There is a problem with the documents, and they appear not to be genuine

What is the cost of the UK standard visa?

Depending on the duration of stay in the UK, the cost of the Standard Tourist visa will change –

  • Standard Visitor visa for Academics - £ 200
  • Standard Visitor Visa ( 2 years) - £ 376
  • Standard Visitor visa ( 5 years) - £ 670
  • Standard Visitor Visa ( 10 years ) - £ 837


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